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[God is not a “time” being.  Along with everything else that exists, God created ‘time’ and put mankind into it as a temporal, i.e. temporary, being or entity, so that during that alloted ‘time’ many such human spirit-souls could successfully complete her  requirements for them to enter into her own purely moral state or dimension of eternal existence.]


     Welcome potential Children Of God.  We offer our book as both a ‘free read*’ and as a printed version on  If interested, you can search for the soft-cover edition, using the author’s name and the book’s title.  That would be: “The Time Being,” by Thomas E. Alford.  Thank you.


 *(To read online or to download the book, click an image or link on this site to transition to our .pdf version.  If need be, get a free Adobe .pdf reader @  Then, on the book cover page, if your browser is Internet Explorer, you will first need to click the Adobe icon which flashes at the bottom of the screen when you move your cursor there.  It will be ‘A’ star-like swirl, bottom right.  You will then get the page bar with the “save a copy icon,” along with other options, such as ‘scrolling’ and a means to ‘up or down-size’ the page or quickly jump to any other page by entering its number in place of the number already showing.  The Google browser also is straight forward and user friendly.)




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We invite you to read “The Time Being” book @

Our goal is to change society into a purely moral state of mental essence and character.

Is it too late?  Is it even possible?  You decide.  Or have you already, through apathy, or graciously through effort?

  Another link to the book:


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        Thank you and bless you, and we pray God has mercy on all of us through Grace.

        One more cautionary note: please don’t underestimate your ability to be ambivalent or even cynical when it comes to God and morality.  A societal Egod is forever at work training you in “sophisticated denial” as regards moral ideals, with many of you already finding the very thought of such ideals laughably old-fashioned and certainly intellectually unsophisticated.

         It’s a damned shame that mankind can remain so ignorant when it comes to the most basic tool needed for spiritual, eternal survival – the ideal that ‘morality’ must defeat evil.  Of course the much easier rationale is to scoff, rather than to think deeply and then act on your moral thinking.

         It seems to be in mankind’s nature to choose easy over difficult, even if it kills one forever.  That is the essence and height of stupidity.  A ‘stupid’ person, at this point, might choose to be insulted since it takes no mental effort to be self-righteous.  All it takes is a mind devoid of soul, resulting in thoughts devoid of godly essence – perhaps even harboring resentment toward the one who wrote these words, or the ONE who wants to know…


When will you awaken to godly guidance?



Your life story will end relatively soon.  Where is your story taking you?


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